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F-INVEST was established to provide investment management services in the industrial, trade and real estate sectors.


The company focuses on long term value creation and to develop and implement business strategies generating a stable return. To achieve that


F-INVEST works with its small but experienced team of professionals who evaluate all investment decisions precisely.


F-INVEST was formed by Hungarian entrepreneur Zsolt Felcsuti after the split of his industrial holding MPF INDUSTRY GROUP into MPF META, WIDENTA and FEG HVAC AG.


The new separate entities mean a new chapter in business as before MPF Group was a family company.

House in the Woods


Csaba Felcsuti (father of Zsolt Felcsuti) established the predecessor of MPF INDUSTRY GROUP together with a group of entrepreneur in the garage of his family house.  Later Csaba Felcsuti becomes independent and supplies state owned firms with plastic injected products.

Industrial Drill


Zsolt Felcsuti and his father establish MP META based on the grounds of his father's firm. This is the first brand of the family company that is introduced into international hardware stores and supermarket chains.

Solar Panels on Factory Building


After 30 years of aggressive international market expansion and several acquisitions in different sectors MPF INDUSTRY GROUP grew into a 1 billion EUR company.

Modern Office


To continue serving customers with dedicated attention in each sector, MPF INDUSTRY GROUP was split into 3 new companies.

Zsolt Felcsuti establishes F-INVEST as a family office to carry out the investment management of the new shares.

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